Monday, October 22, 2007

I Guess There is No Better Job Than a Writer's

As far as I can look back into my childhood, books have got always played a major portion in my life. Growing up bilingual -which happened to be my case- is also a chief plus when you're a certified bookworm. From Balzac's descriptive world, through Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Heine's emotional poetry, traveling through Franz Kafka s morbid jungle, my eyes also caught the American author Richard Wright's Black Male Child book, a book that introduced me into the human race of ethnical minorities in America.

J.K Rowling managed to captivate my imagination. Motor City hip hop fiction author Contel William Bradford catapulted me into the world of the hoodlum and increased my passionateness for urban culture.

I've read journalists of all kind, talented and less talented columnists. What I can state is that I have got learned from all of them. The more than than you read as a writer, the more likely you are to develop your volition to develop your writings. In each successful writer, there is a thirsty scholar who is eager to develop his ain craft. I believe that a author should never be afraid of criticism, as long as it is expressed in a constructive way. You can never be plainly satisfied with your writings, even when the whole human race is praising your accomplishments or when you believe you reached the very top of the tops. A dedicated author is always in the making, always perfecting his craft, even when you believe he is the most outstanding author you ever read.

The author is the prestidigitator who cognizes how to take the right words within a countless of expressions. The author is the individual who will valuate a description, do you descend into the transcendental and emotional, share and experience what he feels, set words onto colours and sounds, make and re-create images into your head.

The author have this astonishing powerfulness to give birth to existent and unreal. You will experience his presence, but as you will travel on with your read, he will progressively slightly tippytoe and go forth topographic point to his alone style, his words, his impressions, his personal verbal descriptions to the reader's top pleasure. As much as the instrumentalist and the performing artist loves to show in presence of their public, the author s plenty trusts on his readership. The larger the readership, the better a author feels. The battalion of eyes that spell through a textual matter also offer a battalion of perceptions, moreover a capableness of grasp of the textual matter creator. Yes, I think there is no better and ageless occupation than a author s.

Engaged, passionate, real, the author often haps to be the spokesman for a generation, a century or a decade. He have this unbelievable powerfulness to export different states customs duty and to bring forth enormous involvement all around the world.

The author is a symbol for freedom of address and creativity.

As long as there will be writers, the fire of hope will never snuff out from the human face of the earth.

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