Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Path to Getting Your Screenplay Sold

One of the most asked inquiries in screenwriting is "How make I sell a screenplay?"

Over the last 10 years, I've interviewed many produced film writers and they all went through their ain version of the followers stairway as they made their first sale.

Those stairway are:

1. A well-written script that is marketable.

2. A pitch.

3. A market.

4. An "in" into the market.

5. A dialogue that Pbs to a sale.

Of course, each of those stairway can be fulfilled in many ways. My intent in presenting this article is to assist you easily acknowledge chances when they get and quickly surmise what might be fillet you from succeeding.

Let's expression at some inside information on those five steps.

1. A well-written book that is marketable.

To compose a great script, you necessitate a great narrative and a fresh voice that is entertaining to read. It takes a combination of passion, accomplishment and creativity. But there is another side that demands to be there...

Basically, you are bringing a merchandise to a market. If you desire the marketplace to pay you for it, you necessitate to do certain the merchandise rans into their needs. In this business, that translates into a in demand concept, castable parts, and great writing.

If you really desire to be successful as a screenwriter, you necessitate high Marks in both the artistic side and the concern side. The more than of a maestro you are at both "arts," the better your opportunity of having a true jailbreak career.

KEY: If you desire to sell, designing your book to be as attractive as possible to the determination shapers in the film biz.

Amazing Pb fictional characters will pull top actors. High conceptions will pull producers. Great authorship will fulfill readers. Bash all three and you have got a winner.

Remember, the book is your product. If that book is amazing, then people will desire to make concern with you. This is a pick that you have got 100% control over -- WRITE TO ATTRACT.

2. A pitch.

What is a great book without a great pitch? A authorship sample.

You've spent six calendar months writing your script. You've agonized over the fictional characters and their story. You've rewritten some lines of duologue twenty times. Now, it is deserving it to make a great pitch.

The whole intent of a pitch is to acquire your book read. Usually, your selling stuffs dwell of a logline, synopsis, and One Page, but there is an of import differentiation you necessitate to make.

Your pitch necessitates to show your narrative in the most compelling manner possible. They necessitate to make a strong desire in your reader or listener, and ultimately do them to demand the right to read your script.

Believe it or not, your pitch can do agents, managers, and manufacturers to prosecute you...if it is a great pitch.

KEY: Find the hook in your story.

The hook is the most interesting, unique, amazing, intriguing, or fresh portion of the large thought for your story. It is the thing that volition machination potentiality purchasers and cause them to demand the script. The right 1 or two-sentence hook will have got more than impact than a five minute pitch.

If you happen the right hook, it will give you tremendous powerfulness when you necessitate it most -- when you are human confront to face with a producer.

3. A market.

There are many different marketplaces in this concern and each of them have their ain needs. In general, there are marketplaces based on budget -- utmost low budget, low budget, mid-range budget, and high budget. There are marketplaces based upon locale -- TV, Cable, straight-to-DVD, Theater, etc. There are marketplaces based upon support beginning -- authorities funding, private funding, grants, etc.

Also, there are new marketplaces gap up -- Web movies, cell phones, and others we haven't even discovered, yet.

Now, here's the key. Look at your script, find the best marketplace for it, and acquire to cognize that market. What do they already make? What size budgets? What degree of particular effects? What restrictions are on them? Etc.

Understanding your marketplace will assist you show your book in a manner that brands sense to them. It will also do it easier for you to go an "insider."

KEY: The "right market" will fit your script.

You are looking for the perfect marketplace for your script. This is where a batch of authors messiness up. They are looking for glorification or position or to win the lottery, but they've written a book that is perfect for a low budget market. Rather than round your caput against the Studio's gate, travel happen the marketplace that volition love and award your script.

Then compose another book that lucifers the marketplace you desire to be in.

4. An "in" into the market.

Somehow, you necessitate to acquire in the door of your market. The traditional path is to acquire a low-level job and work their manner up, looking for chances as they go.

Another manner is to happen an "in." That individual could be an agent, manager, producer, director, actor, assistant, or anyone else who have contacts. Getting that "in" is just a substance of determination people, pitching the script, having them read it, and most important, having them fall in love with the work.

In reality, you may happen the 1 contact that volition title-holder your work and acquire you a deal...or you may have got to happen twenty champions. You desire to maintain edifice fans of your authorship until you are safely inside the business.

KEY: If you've done the first three stairway well, you will be welcomed by people who have got connexions in your market.

Why? Because you are bringing them a great script, a great pitch, and both tantrum their marketplace well. What more than could they inquire for?

Of course, the better your authorship and pitch, the easier it is going to be to set up yourself with the participants in your market.

5. A dialogue that Pbs to a deal.

There are two sorts of authors -- those who have got mental representation and those who negociate their ain deals. Obviously, it is much easier to have got an agent negociate on your behalf. But there are other alternatives. You can engage an Entertainment Attorney. Or you can negociate on your own.

If you are working with a little production company, there may not be finances up front, which intends you'll likely be doing the dialogue on your own. Don't worry. Just maintain focused on making the deal.

That may sound obvious, but newcomers to this concern are often trying to mark the "million dollar sale" when the marketplace only gives that in about 2% of the cases. Of course, those brand the news and then everyone leaps in demanding "their right" to the large money.

More of import than money is the credibleness a sale will convey you. It sets you in the clubhouse. It states you belong in this business. It open ups doors. It acquires you meetings, where you flip your adjacent undertaking that volition do you even more than money.

KEY: Brand certain you maintain both parts of this measure in mind...

1) A negotiation... 2) that Pbs to a deal.

When you negotiate, do certain you acquire the sale. All other points are in a less category. I've seen authors demand all sorts of brainsick things -- Associate Manufacturer title, million dollars, be on the set, ran into with the star, concluding redact blessing on the movie, back stop points, etc. and most of them lost out on their opportunity at success because of a small greed. Don't make it.

REMEMBER, you necessitate to acquire that first sale in order to acquire on the interior of this business. That is your ticket into the show. Once you have got your ticket, you will acquire many perks. But you don't acquire any of them without a ticket.

For most people, selling a screenplay is a dreaming come up true. It takes you behind the scenes, gives you the chance to make what you love -- and acquire paid very well for it. It acquires you on the Red Rug at the Prime Minister of your movie. And for some, it launchers you into the limelight to bask a small fame.

You cognize the path, now. Follow it.

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